I truly believe I was destined to do this type of work. I love hearing comments from workshop participants who are surprised that they can be learning so much in an exciting and fun environment. My classrooms are all across the country and with students of all ages and backgrounds. I am physically and mentally exhausted at the end of my training sessions – I give it my all, but I am also profoundly grateful for the opportunity to change people’s lives by sharing my talents with them.



Inspiration and humor all wrapped up in one. Who could ask for more? Tracy is one of those rare individuals who has a unique ability to appeal to young and old alike by bringing laughter and learning together.

With 30 years of experience, Tracy has traveled the country speaking to audiences from higher education, corporate and non-profit settings. Her flexibility and talent make her a great choice as a keynote speaker, workshop leader or featured presenter at multi-day conferences, retreats or residencies.

Tracy facilitated the most engaging training session I have ever participated in. Tracy was awesome!!

– California State University Fullerton

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Great Student Topics by Tracy

Great Topics by Tracy

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