How do you explain the excitement that one receives upon sensing the shifting of a paradigm of an individual or organization? I have been honored to see the enlightenment that comes from someone on their first outdoor adventure or creating their first successful program at work. And I have witnessed the spark of leadership development grow into a flame for an empowered individual. When these things happen, I feel like I am making a positive difference in the world, creating my sparks of life.



Jay is a master at harnessing the power of outdoor adventure experiences and bringing that power indoors to groups of all ages. He works quickly to establish trust among all members of a group and gets them interested, motivated and involved. Jay offers a unique perspective about the value of self-knowledge, the collaborative nature of leadership, and the role of leader as servant. So be prepared to move, think and feel – three important “tools” for any aspiring, budding, or established leader.

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Jay was able to take the issues we asked him to discuss and elaborate on them in such a creative manner. From ice breakers to his team building ideas, Jay is an outstanding speaker!

– Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
North Adams, MA