David Coleman is an award-winning speaker who provides wildly entertaining and engaging presentations on a wide variety of topics, including dating and relationships, leadership, public speaking, multi-tasking, and more. No matter the topic, the location, or the size of the group, count on David to deliver and infuse unmatched energy.

  • Nationally recognized and celebrating more than 25 years of masterful speaking experience, David can relate to and capture any audience.
  • David is audience-friendly. His candid, yet easygoing style turns passive listeners into active participants. He will share what needs to be said and heard in a respectful and meaningful way.
  • David is available, in person or virtually, for keynotes, seminars, and retreats, as well as personal and group coaching.
  • As a highly versatile speaker, David's presentations are perfect for new student orientation, welcome week, sophomores, student leaders, athletes, and veterans, fraternity and sorority life, residence life, staff training, and more.
  • David is known for his ability to create unique learning experiences. Every program he delivers combines engaging content with group energy designed to accelerate participants toward success.
  • David custom designs presentations specifically for students, higher education staff, and administrators.


Apps and sites such as Facebook, Tinder, Bumble, and others have forever changed dating. One post, one text, or one picture can alter multiple lives in an instant. This program covers important topics like mutual consent, safe words, bystander intervention, characteristics of healthy relationships, difficult breakups, true friendships, sexual orientation, and more. The goal is to encourage mindfulness, inclusivity, a culture of consent, and mature decision-making in an exciting, humorous, and challenging way. This program addresses Title IX and sexual violence education initiatives.

This exciting leadership training program for student leaders and student staff instills confidence and improvement in participants' leadership abilities and skillsets. Focusing on attitude, preparation, and effort participants learn how to effectively communicate, lead with an inclusive mindset, and make their impact last.
The program encourages choosing courage over fear and teaches the difference between character and reputation. Students will leave this engaging experience understanding the five pillars of exceptional leadership, service, and performance.

Focused on twenty keys to success in college and life, this program is about the importance of creating a process that leads to academic excellence, outstanding study habits, effectively finding mentors, and living a strong, engaging, and character-driven life - in and out of the classroom. The goal is to teach new students and transfers the benefits of intentionality to start their college career in the right direction and help them successfully transition to their sophomore year.

COVID has made its mark and impacted the way we live, lead, educate, and serve forever. The words “pivot,” “adapt,” “cope,” and “modify” have become a part of our daily conversations. This highly interactive leadership program demonstrates that teamwork, attitude, preparation, and effort separate teams that thrive from those that just survive. The program helps foster a sense of ownership and belonging among participants while teaching effective communication, leadership, and connection skills for a virtual, hybrid, and in-person world.

Specifically designed for second-year students to accelerate their ascension to greatness! New Student and Transfer Orientation targets incoming students and is seen as a key component in their retention. Many campuses also offer Capstone Experiences to help prepare graduating students for their transition to advanced education or employment. Few campuses offer programs that specifically address Sophomore’s unique role on campus. Because of COVID, many campuses have significant populations of (current) first-year students who have not been "on" campus the past year. Colleges across the country are concerned about RETAINING rising Sophomores and “Officially Welcoming” them to campus. Second-year students often help welcome new students, lead, and fill many campus organizations, and support and applaud upper-class students for their successful contributions.

Sophomore Sensation addresses the unique advantages and responsibilities of being a second-year student, the importance of being involved on campus, why Sophomore year ROCKS, developing resilience, 5 premises of exceptional Leadership - service and performance, managing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships (in our hybrid world), making a LASTing impression on others, cultivating mentors, serving others with purpose, and ascertaining what's next for them.