• Checklist of how to promote the program.
  • Checklist of ways to use and fund the program.
  • Article about why to use the You. Me. We. program.
  • Electronic posters to print and distribute
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • You. Me. We. logo and photo.
  • GTC Dramatic Dialogues group photo:
    • Troupe 1
    • Troupe 2
  • Press release and campus media interview.
  • Letter to encourage faculty and staff to promote to students and attend.
  • Electronic event announcement to forward to faculty and students.
  • Post program seminar on Experiencing Diversity for a maximum of 50 participants.
  • Program evaluation sheet available to print.

Download Media Kit

An interactive program on racism, sexism, and LGBTQ issues especially for college students.

Presented by GTC Dramatic DialoguesYou. Me. We. exposes the often-unintentional ugliness of prejudice, setting the stage for a lively discussion of diversity. In two scenes, we follow students as they attempt to navigate the sometimes-difficult terrain of multicultural campus relationships.

During talk-backs, students can confront the characters and voice their own opinions on issues of race, sex, sexual orientation, and genderYou. Me. We. is a 90-minute program that gets college students talking about diversity.