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Presented and facilitated by GTC Dramatic Dialogues, What’s the Deal? is an interactive and engaging program especially for faculty, staff, and administrators to explore the areas of uncertainty about Title IX.

Using theatrical scenes, What’s the Deal? addresses questions and concerns on the reporting of sexual violence and sexual harassment across the campus community. Facilitated talkbacks allow for discussion, debate, and clarification. Contact us to learn more about customizing the program to your campus.

The new reporting guidelines are complicated. Interpretations differ from campus to campus. To ensure accuracy, GTC Dramatic Dialogues partners with your campus Title IX Coordinators, including them into What’s the Deal? performances as the local “panel of experts.” It’s a great introduction of the Title IX team to employees, and insures that campus-specific policies are correctly expressed.

“High Impact Training was very easy to work with and provided great service in getting the Troupe on campus. The “What’s the Deal?” training was interactive, engaging, and dynamic. It provided the opportunity to have an open dialogue with all employees and increased our understanding of how Title IX applies to our roles. The energy and professionalism of the GTC troupe provided a level of creativity and fun to a normally monotonous training.”
– Briar Cliff University, Sioux City, IA