Program Packet

  • Checklist of how to promote the program.
  • Checklist of ways to use and fund the program.
  • Article about the importance of using What’s It All About? program.
  • Electronic posters to print and distribute
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • What’s It All About? logo and photo.
  • GTC Dramatic Dialogues group photo:
    • Troupe 1
    • Troupe 2
  • Press release and campus media interview.
  • Electronic event announcement to forward to faculty and students.
  • Program evaluation sheet available to print.

Download Media Kit

Combining crucial material from GTC Dramatic Dialogue’s popular single-issue shows, What’s It All About? gets students thinking and talking about today’s most important campus issues: sexual assault, diversity, and substance abuse. Its 90-minute format allows time for dialogue on a wide variety of topics, while fitting into your busy programming schedule.

GTC Dramatic Dialogues