Program Packet

  • Checklist of how to promote the program.
  • Checklist of ways to use and fund the program.
  • Article about the importance of using The Sex+Drugs Show program.
  • Electronic posters to print and distribute
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • The Sex+Drugs Show logo and photo.
  • GTC Dramatic Dialogues group photo:
    • Troupe 1
    • Troupe 2
  • Press release and campus media interview.
  • Electronic event announcement to forward to faculty and students.
  • Program evaluation sheet available to print.

Download Media Kit


Presented by GTC Dramatic Dialogues, The Sex+Drugs Show is a 90-minute, multi-issue program that covers the basics of substance abuse, sexual communication, and sexual assault. During this interactive program, students will have the opportunity to discuss types of drinking behavior, the effect of substance abuse on academic performance, what happens when alcohol and sexual communication collide, as well as the difficult subject of sexual assault.


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