The Diversity Card

Facilitated by

Abu Ansari

This workshop is designed to heighten awareness of diversity, inclusion, and equity matters through active participation in reflective group exercises. Participants will investigate how privilege and implicit bias plays out in their personal lives and can explore, through roleplaying, ways to navigate the sometimes challenging but necessary conversations with others.
The workshop entails a mixture of participatory group activities that allow attendees to explore, reflect, and discuss the subject matter in a safe and supportive space. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves and each other through volunteering, discussions, and observation. The workshop acknowledges the difficulty and discomfort that can exist when holding conversations with someone who is different, but it allows attendees room to practice and watch others practice. 
Workshops generally are two hours long and are tailored to groups of 20 to 200.

This program can be customized for:

  • Student Leaders on campus;
  • RA’s, Hall Council
  • New Student Orientation Counselors
  • Peer Mentors
  • Student Organization Leaders
  • Student Government
  • Athletes
  • Fraternity’s and Sorority’s
  • Student Employee groups
  • Staff groups

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