Program Packet

  • Checklist of how to promote the program.
  • Checklist of ways to use and fund the program.
  • Article about why to use the Speaking of Sex… program.
  • Electronic posters to print and distribute
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • Speaking of Sex… logo and photo.
  • GTC Dramatic Dialogues group photo:
    • Troupe 1
    • Troupe 2
  • Press release and campus media interview.
  • Letter to encourage faculty and staff to promote to students and attend.
  • Electronic event announcement to forward to faculty and students.
  • Program evaluation sheet available to print.

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Since 2007, “Speaking of Sex…” has been addressing sexual assault and Title IX suggested education on college campuses across the country. It’s not about telling students what choices to make. Instead it is about presenting the choices that students are making and inviting honest, in-depth, no-holds-barred discussions of those choices.

In 90 minutes, Speaking of Sex…, presented by GTC Dramatic Dialogues, tracks six students as they try to untangle the complicated web of sexual miscommunication. It covers the basics: “NO means NO,” how language influences attitudes and actions, how to communicate with a partner who won’t listen, and how to stop the passion when your partner says “NO.”

We enjoyed having GTC on our campus to create an interactive discussion with our students about consent and sexual assault.  The presentation was educational and entertaining.  The actors captured the attention of our students and made them think critically.

– Texas A&M University-Commerce, Commerce, TX