By seventh grade, Michael knew he wanted to be an actor. By the time he reached adulthood, he knew he wanted his acting to do more than entertain. He wanted to provoke thought, discussion and dialogue with his audiences.

For 15 years Michael has worked with students and uses theatre to stimulate their minds and help them formulate opinions about tough issues. His workshops are unique because they allow participants great latitude in creating the content. Michael’s outstanding facilitation skills encourage participants to develop a deeper understanding of the issues and an appreciation of their own role in creating solutions.

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  • Experiencing Diversity
  • Supercharged Orientation Skits
  • Power, Rank and Privilege

Supercharged by Michael

Other Great Topics

I sensed students were pleased with the workshop by the frequency of questions asked and rapport established among students that didn’t know each other. The role-playing situations, ice breakers, and exercises helped foster a togetherness which aided the students in adopting Michael’s concepts of diversity.

– Lewis & Clark Community College
Godfrey, IL