Giving People Something to Talk About

Racism, sexism, homophobia, sexual assault and substance abuse can be tough issues to tackle when trying to educate college students. This age group wants to be entertained and likes it when things are “shaken up” a bit with a fresh approach.

GTC Dramatic Dialogues addresses these issues head on with frank and open discussions. Participants can expect to be challenged to think and develop educated opinions. They’ll walk away with greater insight and the confidence to make smart choices!


The presentations during our new student orientation helped our students process and discuss sensitive, yet important, issues that are germane for the collegiate population. It led to many engaging conversations among students, which I am confident will translate into more thoughtful future actions throughout the semester.
    - Lenoir-Rhyne College
      Hickory, NC


Programs & Topics

Strange Like Me: Racism, Sexism and Homophobia  (See Video)
by Joel Gori
Exposes the ugliness of hate and the sometimes difficult terrain of multicultural relationships.

What'll It Be?: Alcohol and Substance Abuse
by Michael Agnew
Addresses the complex issue about using drugs or alcohol.

Speaking of Sex...: Sexual Communication   (See Video)
by Michael Agnew
Presents the complicated web of sexual miscommunication.

What's It All About: Multi-Issue Show
by Michael Agnew
A heavy-duty hybrid show that covers divserity, substance abuse, and sexual assault.

The Sex & Drugs Show: Multi-Issue Show
by Michael Agnew
Covers the basics of substance abuse, sexual miscommunication, and sexual assault.