About Us





Mark Geller

Name: Mark Geller

Title: Co-owner

At work: I oversee relationships with clients, sales, and management of the company.

At home: I enjoy cooking, going to the lake for a great boat ride, walking, and hanging out on the deck with the family and the dog.

Email me: mark@hit4you.net



Tracy Knofla

Name: Tracy Knofla

Title: Co-owner

At work: As well as co-owner, I am also a consultant for the company. I am not physically located in Minnesota and call the office daily to offer comic relief and good advice.

At home: In my free time, I enjoy gardening, playing at the lake, and entertaining my family and friends.

Email me: tracy@hit4you.net



Amanda Henry

Name: Amanda Henry

Title: Coordinator of Event Logistics

At work: I coordinate contracts and invoices, arrange travel for consultants, maintain office operation, and keep up-to-date business records.

At home: I enjoy singing in church choir, watching Packer and Badger games, skiing, and spending time at my son's many sporting activities.

Email me: ahenry@hit4you.net


Judy Manetas  

Name: Judy Manetas

Title: Coordinator of National Programs

At work: I actively pursue establishing business relationships with new clients, and assist with maintaining established relationships with current clients.

At home: My hobbies include golfing, gardening, lunching with friends, and walks with my two shih-tzu dogs.

Email me: judy@hit4you.net