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Jon McGee


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Jon McGee is Vice President for Planning and Public Affairs at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University in Minnesota. His management division includes marketing, institutional research, planning and state and federal government relations. He serves on the cabinet of both colleges and is responsible for research and analysis in support of enrollment and budget decision-making, strategic planning leadership, and leadership in support of campus visibility and marketing. He has written regular essays and white papers for Hardwick Day and The Lawlor Group and is a frequently invited speaker nationally. McGee serves on the College Board Midwest Regional Council and as a member of the College Scholarship Service Assembly Council, where he is national chair-elect.


In the fall of 2015, he and his wife will begin 14 consecutive years of undergraduate tuition payments for their four children.


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McGee recently completed a book, Breakpoint - The Changing Marketplace for Higher Education published by The John Hopkins University Press, which examines key forces of disruption in higher education and offers a framework to colleges and universities for addressing those issues. Breakpoint is now available at The John Hopkins University Press!


The challenges facing colleges and universities today are profound and complex. In his book, Breakpoint, and his program, Educationomics, Jon argues that higher education is in the midst of an extraordinary moment of demographic, economic, and cultural transition that has significant implications for how colleges understand their mission, their market, and their management.


Drawing from an extensive assessment of demographic and economic trends, Jon presents a broad and integrative picture of these changes while stressing the importance of decisive campus leadership. He describes the key forces that influence higher education and provides a framework from which trustees, presidents, administrators, faculty, and policy makers can address pressing issues in the aftermath of the Great Recession.

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His talk was an engaging, fact-packed summary of the enrollment environment. Those in the audience have a better understanding of the challenges our sector faces, and Jon did a great job tailoring his presentation for our institution and an audience of faculty and university staff.

- Illinois Wesleyan University
  Bloomington, IL


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