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Debra Leigh is co-founder (2004) and lead organizer of the Community Anti-Racism Education (CARE) Initiative of St. Cloud State University (SCSU) in Minnesota. With a mission to build a lasting anti-racism institution, she coordinates the CARE Anti-Racism Leadership Team and collaborates with campus partners to establish university and community dialogues and programs.

Her professional interests include anti-racism organizing and training, international education, leadership development for under-represented groups, and performing and visual arts.

Debra designs and facilitates seminars to help organizations understand and overcome racism. She also trains and coaches faculty and community members to facilitate difficult conversations and workshops about anti-racism.


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understanding & Overcoming racism

Racism doesn't just happen in one aspect of our lives - it's everywhere. With over ten years of experience, Debra's work in anti-racism has framed conversations that lead to institutional transformation. 

Her seminars* include: 

  • Anti-Racism Organizing as a Tool for Change Within Your Organization

  • Institutional Analysis of Racism

  • Being an Ally - The Six "R's" of Relationship Building

  • Let's Talk About Racial Identity (What Should I Call You?)

  • Cultural Competence in the Workplace

*All seminars are conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect, caring and safety, and are not based on confrontation, guilt, and judgment.


With both her solid understanding of key concepts and issues, and creativity and artistic skills, she effectively engages participants in processes of exploring the realities and causes of racism, and avenues for working for greater racial justice.

- Service Learning Organization, MN

Seminars are customized for

  • Colleges & Universities

  • K-12
  • Government
  • Faith Groups
  • Non-Profit
  • Businesses